The studio

Giljotin has editing facilities for documentary films. The editing of a film is a creative and focused achievement for director and editor, and Giljotin offers technical stability and a nice working environment to ensure an editing period with as few disruptions as possible.
The studio is headed by Anders Teigen, the editor of prize winning documentaries like “Big John” (Best Nordic Documentary 2008), “From Prison to Parliament” (Norwegian, Gullstolen Best Documentary 2008), and “The Armwrestler from Solitude” (Swedish Guldbagge Best Documentary 2004). In 2009 he was himself nominated for Best Editing at the norwegian Amanda film awards.
In more than 35 documentaries and films since he graduated the Norwegian Filmschool in 2000, he has contibuted to bring interesting characters and important stories to small and big screens.

Giljotin has developed a close working relationship with several companies, and can coordinate a complete post production in Trondheim - from editing and sound design, to grading and d-cinema mastering.

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